Project: C Flume Replacement

Project Description

Adkins began working with KID on the C-Flume replacement project in early 2013 starting with a structural assessment of the existing 92-year-old concrete structure. Adkins developed a list containing over 300 identified structural deficiencies. Approximately 40 deficiencies were categorized as severe requiring immediate remediation. As a temporary solution, Adkins designed structural repairs that could be salvaged and reused later by the District after the structure was demolished.

Later in 2013, Adkins kicked-off the Preliminary Engineering Phase that required developing multiple viable alternatives and cost estimates. Since the existing structure was owned by the federal government (operated and maintained by KID), Adkins worked closely with the Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) to develop alternatives. Designs and estimates were reviewed by USBR’s Technical Service Center in Denver, CO. Alternatives considered included: replace as-is (elevated flume), extend earthen canals with shorter flume, buried siphon & elevated steel pipe, and extend earthen canals with buried siphon. Ultimately, KID and USBR opted to move forward with the buried siphon & elevated steel pipe option.

Completing final design for the project required addressing several major constraints from a constructability standpoint. The project had to address – an active Union Pacific rail line crossing; crossing State Highway Route 39 (over 15,000 vehicles per day and major utility corridor); crossing the Lost River Diversion Canal (a manmade river diverting the Lost River to the Klamath River); and most critically, the existing structure had to maintain operations delivering water to over 20,000 acres of agricultural land in the Klamath Basin during irrigation season (May to October). Adkins created a design that allowed for over 90% of the new siphon to be constructed during irrigation season without affecting operations of the existing flume structure.

Adkins’ final cost estimate for construction of the project came in at $9.1M (vetted by a third party consultant from Portland, OR); over $5M lower than USBR’s original estimates of nearly $15M to replace the structure. In August 2016, KID awarded a contract for $8.6M to construct the C-Flume replacement to R&G Excavating, Inc. located in Scio Oregon and ground was broken the next month.

With construction lasting from September 2016 to fall/winter 2018, and project closeout projected for early 2019, Adkins has been working with KID for over 5-years to develop, implement, and complete the C-Flume replacement project. During this time, Adkins has provided a comprehensive suite of Professional Engineering, Surveying and Project Management services for Klamath Irrigation District. Adkins worked closely with local, state, and federal agencies including Klamath County, Oregon Department of Transportation, USBR, and Oregon Water Resources Department to obtain permits and authorizations as well as conduct public outreach in coordination with KID and USBR.

Services: Surveying, Civil Engineering, Irrigation, Structural Engineering, Construction Management/Administration, Construction Materials Testing.

What Our Clients Say...

Over the past several years, Adkins has assisted the City with the funding, planning, design engineering, and construction engineering for our recently completed Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrades. The project is the largest project we have completed in the history of the City and totaled $6 Million in total project funding.
Hank Ebinger, Mayor - City of Tulelake

For Lake County, Adkins Engineering has helped us deliver projects on time, under budget, and with the highest quality in mind for our customers.
Kevin J. Hock, Superintendent - Lake County Road Department

Adkins Consulting Engineering has been working for the City of Klamath Falls for over 30 years. To date they have competed over 150 engineering, surveying, and material testing contracts for the City. The projects have ranged from small to large and complex and include roadway, wastewater, and water projects.
Mark Willrett, PE - Public Works Director

Adkins not only provides a high-quality product for our irrigation and stream restoration projects, but they are also easy to talk with and take the time to explain project design details in a way that works for project managers, contractors, and landowners. All in all, working with Adkins has been a great experience, and we look forward to working with them on many future projects.
Nell Scott, Trout Unlimited - Klamath Restoration Director

Their actions on the Henley School Project helped reduce costs for the bus and vehicle parking areas on the magnitude of $150,000. This was greater than their entire work order amount so they essentially paid for themselves during the design phase of the project. This is a sign that Adkins is truly looking out for the needs of each project and client.
Greg Thede, Superintendent - Klamath County School District