Water Rights

Water rights can be complicated… and the application process daunting. That’s why we’ve been assisting cities, farmers, and other entities who are required to obtain a permit or water right from the Oregon Water Resources Department to use water from any source. Adkins has been preparing applications, completing Final Proof Surveys and Claims of Beneficial Use reports for our clients since 1987.

  • Water Rights Transfers
  • Permit Applications
  • Claim of Beneficial Uses (COBUs)
  • Final Proof Survey of Water Use
  • Pump Tests

Featured Projects

U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation

Water Rights Adjudication Mapping – Klamath Basin Area
The Klamath Basin struggles with limited water supplies and increasing demands for water, leading to conflicts between the Upper and Lower Klamath Basins during drought and water shortages. Adkins mapped and verified parcel size of irrigated land as well as other pertinent features that would help with water rights adjudication in the future. The purpose of a water right adjudication is to collect, catalog, and confirm all water rights through the court and verify to which property those water rights belong, binding property owners and all parties to the court’s declaration of those water rights. Adkins’ confirmed mapping data was crucial for the Klamath Basin’s adjudication process.